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How to stop hackers and thieves from wreaking havoc with YOUR passwords ...

Lost passwords ... stolen passwords ... identity theft ... account break-in ... unauthorized access ... online banking fiascos ... just some of the disasters that can cause you more loss and aggravation than you can imagine.

The unique OneLoc device keeps your passwords and other secure information off your computer and off the web, safely in your pocket.

OneLoc - the secure USB data organizer!

  • secure encryption
  • password / data organizer software
  • free-form text editing
  • simple outliner
  • printing
  • searching
  • password generator
  • flash memory storage
  • USB convenience

Store passwords ... account info ... secret data ... access codes ... important notes ... and anything else you want to keep from prying eyes. Keep it all off your computer and off the web - where no one can break in - right in your pocket.

Password Generator

You wouldn't leave your keys in your car - but that's what millions do with their computers! They leave their passwords and other secure data in their computer or on the web - where hackers and criminals can break in by: hacking into your data via the web at night ... sitting at your computer while you step away ... opening your computer case and accessing your data via your hard drive ... or any of a dozen other methods!

The OneLoc device fixes that!

How it works

The OneLoc device is easy to use. Simply plug the device into any USB port on your computer. Upon entering a master password, a simple program will appear displaying all your secure information, organized in outline form.


Browse for the information you need. To add new information, type categories on the left side of the screen and your protected information on the right side. It's that simple!

And even if someone gets access to your OneLoc device your data is encrypted - only you can access your own data.

Plus you'll have your passwords and other key data with you: at work, at home and on the road.

" I invented OneLoc because my password collection and other key data was getting out of control. With all the stories about computer break-ins I wanted my data to be safe. I wanted my data to be encrypted, not on my computer and yet instantly accessible."

Jim Lewis, President

Keep your data safe ...

Keep your data safe

Lock it in your pocket.

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Requirements: Windows, USB port (1.0 or 2.0).